With 2011 heading toward the dustbin of history, we've decided to look back and recount our most–read stories of the year. Mostly news, although some of our excellent political commentary also struck a chord. Read on for the list of KGAB's Most Read.

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    Victims Identified in Washout

    Wyoming saw any number of road-related issues in the spring of 2011 as very high mountain runoffs caused problems, washing out roads and cutting off portions of the state. The single more horrific accident happened as a family was evacuating a flash flood near Ryan Park in the Snowy Mountains. A van drove into a washout and was swept away in the early morning hours. Of the five family members in the van, only the father survived. His wife and four daughters perished. All had ties to Wyoming.

    The victims' van. (Courtesy WYDOT)
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    Stabbing Suspect Snagged

    Readers were interested in the identity of a California man who stabbed a Cheyenne resident in the course of a burglary. A cell phone left at the scene led police to the suspect.

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    Fiery Crash Closes I-80

    A tractor-trailer traveling about 5mph on I-80 was rear-ended by another semi moving at nearly 60mph west of Cheyenne. The second tractor caught fire immediately, which killed the driver and closed the road for hours.

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    Student Death Discussed by Police

    An East High School student died of exposure, police said a day after her body was found on the school campus by a maintenance worker. Police also concluded no foul play was suspected in her death.

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    Can Overfeeding Constitute Child Abuse?

    Dr. Michael Applebaum argues overfeeding a child can constitute a form of abuse and talks with our Gary Freeman about that, and other health topics.

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    Made in America Boss Visits Across America

    Freeman also discussed domestic manufacturing with Stephanie Sanzone, which caught the attention of many of you. Sanzone pointed out the importance of maintaining cultural identity through buying American.

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    School Locked Down After Body Found

    The initial story (before post #6, above) about the student who died of exposure in the East High School parking lot also generated many views as rumors were flying and parents were looking for any information they could find.

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    Snowy Range Road Opening

    Snow removal operations on WY-130 started a week earlier than usual in 2011, not to open the road early, but just to get it open on time. WYDOT estimated snowpack was nearly twice its normal level and called in dozers, blades and rotary equipment to reopen the scenic route.

    Snow removal operations on the Snowy Range Road. (Courtesy WYDOT)
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    'Erin Walton' Actress Visits with Gary

    Gary also visited with Mary McDonough, who played Erin Walton in the eponymous television program. McDonough has written a book about life lessons.

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    Man Dies in Wind-Caused Semi Accident

    A Nebraska man died when high wind blew over his trailer, taking the rest of the vehicle over with it. The driver, who was the only occupant of the vehicle, died in the accident. A light trailer advisory had been posted on I-25 at the time and the incident occurred in the notorious Bordeaux Road area.

    I-25 near Bordeaux (Courtesy WYDOT)