Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says a proposed wind energy project that the Morely Company wants to locate on part of the city-owned Belvoir Ranch wouldn't affect people who currently hold grazing leases on the property or other existing plans for that area. The city council Finance Committee on Monday signed off on the company's request to lease a portion of the property for a hybrid wind/natural gas electric generation facility for 30 years. The full city council still must approve the lease, which the company says would generate roughly $72 Million for the city in royalty payments over the life of the lease.

Kaysen says since the company only wants to lease part of Belvoir current leaseholders would not be affected. He also says plans the city has identified for the property in it's Belvoir Ranch Master Plan would not be changed if the facility is built. Company officials say that even if the project is built it wouldn't be operational until at least 2015.