Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says the city's Unified Development Code, which took effect at the end of April, is under an on-going review process to determine where changes might be needed. He says one provision of the UDC is an annual review of it's provisions to update and improve sections of the code which aren't working well or have become outdated. Kaysen says the first yearly review of the code is slated for February of 2013. But in the meantime the mayor says he has begun a series of meetings  with Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Executive Director and President Dale Steenbergen to look at areas of the code which may need changes. Kaysen says the first of those meetings was held Thursday morning.

Kaysen also says 85 percent of the UDC came from already existing city codes, so the amount of change contained in it is not as large as some people may think.