Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says an environmental report on the former Dinneen's Car Dealership has come back, clearing the way for the city to purchase the property.

The city plans to use the site, including the existing building, for a new Public Safety Building to house the Cheyenne Police Department as well as the Cheyenne Fire and Rescue Administration and other emergency responders.

Kaysen says the report showed no major contamination issues. He adds that while some residual chemicals from a dry cleaning business which once existed in the area were found, the levels were too low to pose a serious health threat.

The mayor says he is now hoping the city can close on the purchase from the Dinneen family sometime next week. He says while some preliminary design work will be conducted in the weeks following the purchase, actual construction work on the building won't get underway until early 2014.

Local voters approved spending $25 million in sixth-penny sales tax revenues for the building in 2012.