Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says he and other city officials will meet with representatives of Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power within the next couple of weeks to discuss the repayment of roughly $1 Million that rural Laramie County residents  were incorrectly charged in the form of a 2 percent franchise fee on their electric bills. The fee is only supposed to be levied against city residents, but CLFP officials say about 4000 county residents were incorrectly charged the fee over roughly an 8 year period. Kaysen says under an agreement between the city and CLFP the city is required to repay the money it acquired from the utility that was generated through the franchise fee that was incorrectly charged, Kaysen says the agreement allows the money to be repayed over the same period it occurred, adding the city may repay the money by accepting the same amount less in franchise fees from CLFP as the overcharges.  The utility may then credit the amount of the overcharges on future bills to the customers who paid the fee. Kaysen says that would amount to roughly $12,800 a month over 8 years, but he adds nothing has been formally decided yet.