Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen is defending how the city handles snow removal during major winter storms.

Kaysen says people need to realize that the total mileage city crews are responsible for clearing is roughly the same distance as a one-way trip from Cheyenne to Jackson. Kaysen admits the city receives quite a few complaints about crews piling snow on sidewalks and blocking driveways, but he says the city snow removal plan makes keeping major arterials  such as Del Range, Yellowstone Road  and Central Avenue  a priority.

Kaysen also says he thinks  city snow removal crews did a good job of handling the winter storm that hit the are earlier this week. Kaysen  says the city is bracing for another possible storm early next week. He says the city budget will be able to handle the expense of another major storm, in part because the area received less snow than usual this past winter, meaning some money is still available for snow removal efforts.