Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says he's concerned that a long-term failure to increase garbage fees could have a ripple effect on other city departments, since those fees help fund areas other than garbage collection.

The city council Monday night voted 5-4-with Bryan Cook absent- to increase the fees by 3.4 percent, matching the cost of living increase in southeast Wyoming over the past year. But even though a majority of those present voted for the increase, because city rules mandate a majority of the council must approve fee increases, the measure failed because it didn't receive the needed six votes.

Kaysen says even though the solid waste division has been operating at a surplus, it's important to remember money from the fees also goes to other city departments such as the Police and Parks and Recreation Department, adding those agencies could eventually feel the impact of failing to increase the garbage fees.

He also points out a report from a consultant called for an eight percent increase in the fees. The council also refused to increase solid waste fees last year. Kaysen says he expects a fee increase to be brought before the council again in a few weeks.

Public Works Director Jim Elias says that agency will probably request the 8% fee increase recommended in the consultant's report rather than the 3.4% the council didn't approve Monday night.