Tuesday's featured guests on The Morning Zone:

7:07 A.M. MDT: Law enforcement columnist Jim Kouri is on with host Dave Chaffin. Jim reports in his latest column that Monday, a New York State lawmaker and Iraq veteran urged several cable and satellite television distributors to stop broadcasting programing from the Middle East media giant Al Jazeera calling their news coverage "propaganda.

7:37 A.M. MDT: Dr.Charles Crismier is a veteran attorney, author, and pastor, and President of Save America Ministries.Today he will discuss an interesting view, FROM AGES PAST to the present, men, like boys before them, have sought to become "king of the mountain," "lord of the hill." But while boys play it, despots finish it.In this simple metaphor the ultimate meaning and direction of history and prophecy is made manifest, revealing the mystery of the world's rapidly-approaching and greatest battle for KING of the Mountain.

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