A 19 year old Cheyenne man faces an August 9th sentencing date after pleading guilty to conspiracy charges in connection with the robbery of a Cheyenne cash advance store in January. As part of a plea agreement Friday, Isacc James pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery in connection with the January 10th robbery of the Advance America store on East Lincolnway.

James told the hearing that he did not enter the store, but did know about the robbery and was the getaway driver. The meximum penalty under wyoming law for felony conspiracy to committ aggravated robbery is 25 years in prison and a 10, 000 fine. The plea agreement is recommending five to 7 year sentence and also that James complete a 'boot camp" program, in which case his sentence might be reduced. However, the judge is not bound by that plea agreement. Two other Cheyenne men face trial dates later this summer in connection with the robbery.