The decision to close school, state, city or county offices is not taken lightly. Closure decisions are based on a variety of factors including reports from the National Weather Service and first-hand accounts from many different employees who report on the road and weather conditions.

These closure decisions are a collaborative effort of officials from the City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, the State of Wyoming, F.E. Warren Air Force Base and Laramie County School District 1.

It is the intent and long-standing practice of all agencies to remain open as long as roads are open and passable.

However, since road conditions vary a great deal in different areas of Laramie County, it is difficult for agencies to make one decision that is right for everyone. Therefore, individual patrons are encouraged to make their own personal safety decisions based on the road conditions in their area.  School children will be given excused absences if a parent feels their route to school is not safe when their school is open. Employees also may make their own decisions, subject to their agency’s personnel policies.

Weather is one of the special challenges that make Wyoming a unique and wonderful place to live.  When the roads are open and passable, our state, city, county and school buildings will be open for business. Please make the best and safest decision for your family and yourself!