Listen to Monday's Morning Zone, and hear:

7:07AM MST: Frosty Wooldridge, author of  'The Next Added 100,000,000 Americans and long-time friend of the show, guests and continues his discussion on the long term dangers posed by unchecked immigration and out of control population.

8:07AM MST: Our man down on the border, John Marshall is back for his monthly update. John will discuss:
1. Mexico’s President warning about cartels involvement in upcoming elections. Combined cartels budgets larger than Mexico’s entire federal budget …
2. Check out cartels major investments in U.S. economy ..,
3. Gingrich supports letting illegals cut in line in front of those abiding by rules. / Perry’s major contributors moving to Romney’s campaign – are who you take money from / do not endorse political candidates as that is personal conscience choice – have no problem identifying candidates problems …
4. Most unsecure area around airports is baggage areas …
5. New news item –ask homeland Security why they not letting federal agencies patrol some areas of border???
6. Increasing thieving – identified 5 ½ thieving groups working ranch currently working – represents border violence not identified as border violence – how media can help – identify in press reports illegals committing crimes immigration status …
7. Homeland Security’s plan for unmanned border entry station at Big Bend Park, Texas
8. Callers questions and comments
9. Future reference – Google - All Right Magazine Teaching Christmas History

9:07AM MST, Rick Collard, Director of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and Brock the interim public information direct will be on to talk about:

1. Fostering Animals over Christmas/New Years
2. Pet Food Program
3. Cold Weather Tips
4. End of Year Donations
5. Volunteer Program