A U.S. Supreme Court case is pending as to whether or not the Affordable Health Care Act, can allow subsidies through the exchange. If this goes through, thousands of people's health care costs could rise. Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight ways to save on medical bills to help bring your costs down.

  1. Don't Wait To Pay - Make your payment on the day that your services were rendered. Go right to the billing office and pay with cash.
  2. Discounts - Take advantage of discounts that your hospital or provider may offer based on your families income.
  3. Find Out What Medicare Pays - Before have a procedure or service rendered, find out what the Medicare pay scale is to give you a handle on what it might cost you.
  4. Use Participating Providers - Before you go to a doctor, find out if the provider is participating with your current health insurance carrier. The will have to write off amounts over the allowed amount that has been agreed on between the insurance carrier and your doctor.
  5. Preventive Maintenance - Eat right, exercise and have regular check-ups. You can prevent long term illnesses which render big medical bills, if you take care of your self early and often.

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