Everyone loves a good bargain. If you're like me, then you are on a pretty tight budget and any opportunity to pick up a practical item for free is a huge plus. While cruising around the internet, I found a great site for all things free.

If you are a "freebie hunter", then you need to look no farther than a site called Hunt4Freebies. They have all kinds of great connections from deals, to printable coupons, to free and discounted stuff. It's your "one stop shop" for freebies and deals. Here are a few of the teasers that you might find on the site.

  • Kitchen supplies
  • Lotions and sun screens
  • Hair products
  • Nature snacks
  • Disney movies tickets
  • Skincare products
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Much, much more

These are just a few of the things that you'll find for free or discounted. The items become available at different times, so depending on when they are posted will determine what you'll be able to get a good deal on. What are some of the things you like to get for free? For me, it's food. Tell us about yours, we'd love to know.