Join me, Gary Freeman, host of Across America Radio Program, as we find out about this increasing popular gardening called Aquaponic Gardening with our expert on the topic, Sylvia Bernstein, President of The Aquaponic Source, Inc. We’ll learn about the fish, the plants, tank size, nitrifying bacteria and much more! If you have entertained the thought of starting your own aquaponic garden, then you'll not want to miss my chat with Sylvia Bernstein, the expert aquaponic gardener!  Click past the jump to find out more!





Sylvia Bernstein has dedicated her life to spreading the good news about aquaponics.  She would be delighted to speak to your group or lead a hands-on workshop, on a variety of topics related to growing plants and fish together.

An experienced speaker and internationally recognized expert on aquaponic gardening, Sylvia’s speaking style is warm, friendly, and interactive. She can cover aquaponics-related topics from the 10,000 feet level all the way down to the step-by-step, depending on the event type, time alloted, audience and need. She comes equipped with a colorful and professional PowerPoint presentation that is entertaining, educational and customized to your group’s event.

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