Listen in today from 4-7PM on AM650 KGAB and as Sean Hannity talks with:
5:05 pm MDT  Attorneys Tamara Holder and Jay Sekulow will debate how New York City and the NYPD should handle the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.  What legal measures does the city government have at its disposal to handle the OWS protestors while simultaneously avoiding lawsuits? 
5:35pm MDT- NJ Governor Chris Christie will join Sean to discuss his decision to endorse Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney as the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee.
6:05 pm MDT Pat Buchanan will join Sean for the entire last hour of the program to discuss his new book, "Will America Survive to 2025? Suicide of a Superpower"  (This is the book Frosty Wooldridge reviews in his latest column and on The Morning Zone today.)