According to the Sheriff's Office ,Deputy Sheriff Mike Merkley guided a recovery team from Beegles Aircraft Service of Greeley, Colorado, to the remote scene of a June 22 plane crash on the western slopes of White Mountain about 13 miles north of Green River.

Sweetwater County Undersheriff Craig Jackson says on June 22 at about 11 a.m. , Jana Van Amburg,  of Bend Oregon, was flying her single-engine Beech A36 to Salina, Kansas, when she experienced serious engine trouble and was forced to make an emergency landing  in the sagebrush.  She was not injured during the mishap, and was able to climb a nearby rise in order to use her cell phone to report her situation and summon help.

Unable to reach the crash site with their usual ground unit plus special transport trailer, Eddy Schumacher of Beegles Aircraft contacted pilot Bob Hawkins of Sky Aviation, based in Worland, who flew to the scene on Friday June 29 in a 1969 Bell UH-1H helicopter to extract Van Amburg’s Beech.