Join me, Gary Freeman, as we take a trip back to September 17, 1887 as we recognize and celebrate "Constitution Day - 2011"! This was the last day that the delegates met before actually signing the greatest document, outside of the Bible, known to mankind -  The Constitution of the United States. Click past the jump to find out what you'll find in this exclusive magazine on the radio!

Constitution Day 09.17.11 Pt 1

Constitution Day 09.17.11 Pt 2

In this special edition of Across America, we'll take a look at:

  • Why you must understand what the Constitution is good for
  • Why it is not "just a secular document"
  • How and Why the Constitution came about
  • The 6 principles in the first 150 words of the Constitution
  • What is historical fact and what the liberals and progressives have been teaching in the public schools for decades
  • American Exceptional-ism vs The Teaching of Deconstruction-ism
  • Much, Much More!

Don't miss this interview with me, Gary Freeman, as we celebrate and acknowledge "Constitution Day" 2011! You'll be glad you did!