By Micah Halpern
(Micah will be our guest on The Morning Zone today at 7:37AM MST)Tuesday November 29, 2011

I've Been Thinking:

A huge explosion occurred in the Iranian city of Isfahan at 2:40 in the afternoon local time Monday. According to FARS, the official Iranian news agency, the explosion took place in their uranium enrichment plant.

Soon after the piece was posted on FARS, it was removed. All the other official news sites in Iran quoted officials saying that no such explosion had occurred.

The Isfahan plant enriches uranium. It makes urania which is popularly known as Yellowcake. The Yellowcake is transformed into UF6 Gas which is the shortened form of Uranium Hexafuoride Gas. After the UF6 Gas is produced it is shipped to Natanz and Qom.

The explosion did take place and it did a great amount of damage. It resembles the explosion that happened two weeks ago outside of Teheran at the Revolutionary Guard's missile base.
In that explosion 18 people were killed including the general in charge of the missile program.

Isfahan is Iran's third largest city. People know about the uranium conversion plant - it is located too close to the city for people not to hear and know what happened.