A bill that calls for studying how the federal Health Care Exchange works and what actions the state might need to take received initial approval in the House, but just barely. The bill’s sponsor Representative Elaine Harvey (HD-26), Chairman of the house Labor,Health and Social Services Committee, says it's good to have the knowledge about the exchanges.

 it's got components to educate the public as to what the federal government is doing...

The house gave initial approval to a bill that would allow searches for University of Wyoming and state community college presidents to be closed to the public. The bill was proposed after media outlets in the state protested the decision by the UW Board of Trustees to hold a secret search for a new president to replace retiring President Tom Buchanan. Proponents of the bill argue the university could attract more quality candidates than if the search were done in the open. Bruce Moats, who represents the Wyoming Press Association, says open process when considering finalists can be helpful in making the right choice.

you know not only do i represent the press association but I have been a journalist in Wyoming....

The house Judiciary Committee passed a bill by an 8-1 vote, that would pre-empt any federal crackdown on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in the state.The bill's sponsor Representative Kendell Kroeker (HD-35), says the bill was amended.

 we took out a clause about a dealer selling firearms..added protection against executive orders...

Representative Cathy Connolly (HD-13), who cast the lone no vote, says the bill is wrong.

 this bill has us arresting our neighbors who happen to be federal law enforcement officers...

The house Judiciary Committee also passed a bill that would allow Wyoming residents who hold concealed weapons permits to carry guns on public school and college campuses.The committee also voted to advance another bill that would strengthen the state law that prohibits local governments and public officials from imposing their own gun control measures.Those bills now go to the full house for debate.

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