Laramie County Firewise received a grant to supply more than 40 residents in the general Harriman Wildland Urban Interface with reflective street signs. The signs were produced by Laramie County Fire District #2 (LCFD#2) which has a program in place to sell the over-sized, reflective signs to residents in rural areas providing increased visibility for first responders. Volunteers from Laramie County Fire District#10 (LCFD#10) will install the sign posts for residents in phases beginning this month.

Western Laramie County is at a higher elevation and often experiences more extreme weather conditions and difficult road conditions. Locating a structure on a back road at night or in bad weather also proves challenging, especially when the house numbers are not readily visible or the house is located at the end of a long driveway.

While determining appropriate sites to install residential posts, volunteers also recorded GPS readings which will further assist emergency crews in locating the residence in a timely manner. Residents interested in purchasing a reflective Street sign should call Laramie County Fire District #2.