According to the Office of Governor Matt Mead, the Governor himself directed the State of Wyoming to petition for a rehearing of the decision that upheld the Roadless Rule. Governor Mead would like the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals to consider Wyoming’s arguments en banc.

The Petition for Rehearing says that the U.S. Forest Service violated the Wilderness Act when it created de facto wilderness areas across approximately 59 million acres of the nation’s forests, including 3 million acres in Wyoming. In addition, the Petition states that the Forest Service radically altered the scope of the Roadless Rule without preparing a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act; that the Forest Service circumvented the National Forest Management Act under the guise of nationwide rulemaking; that the Forest Service is required to evaluate forest use on a forest-by-forest basis rather than by national rule; and that the Forest Service predetermined the outcome of the Roadless Rule to satisfy a Presidential edict.