Governor Matt Mead thanked the outgoing Director of the Wyoming Department of Revenue, Ed Schmidt, who is retiring and announced that Dan Noble will be the new Director, subject to confirmation by the State Senate. Schmidt has served as Director of the Department of Revenue since 2003, prior to that he was appointed to the State Board of Equalization.

The Department of Revenue (DOR) is the primary tax collection agency for the state. The agency is specifically charged with administration and collection of all mineral severance taxes, sales and use, cigarette and estate taxes. It also is responsible for certifying the value of all minerals, utilities, and certain large industries for Ad Valorem tax purposes to the counties. The DOR collects over $1 billion dollars in severance tax revenues annually and an additional $1 billion dollars in excise tax revenues.

Noble has been Administrator of the Excise Tax Division since 2000. He is from Riverton, is a veteran and a graduate of the University of Wyoming.  Ed Schmidt is retiring on July 1st.