Across America Radio Host Gary Freeman will be filling in for Dave Chaffin today in The Morning Zone.

You'll be filled in on what's new on the consumer reports alerting you to the good and the bad in the market. Followed by the regular expert panel with the Kids At Risk Series, talking about Creative Discipline. In the 8:07 hour, Marvin Nash checks in to talk about The Fight Against Bullying Goes To Congress. And finally, in the 9:07 hour Gary will talk to William Intriligator, Conductor of the Cheyenne Symphony about their upcoming event. All of this and your phone calls today In The Morning Zone!

We'll take your phone calls at:  307.632.6500  or  307.632.3323.  If you're out side of our coverage area, please dial 1.888.503.6500. We'll see you on the radio!!!