There is another great Morning Zone on tap for today and will include something new in the 8 O'Clock hour.

7:07AM MDT: Child advocate, John Frentheway and Licensed Professional Counselor, Renee Hanson join us in our KIDS-AT RISK series and today we will talk about a new American Academy of Pediatrics' report is published online July 30 and in the August print issue of Pediatrics that shows constantly belittling, threatening or ignoring children can be as damaging to their mental health as physical or sexual abuse, according to a new report from a pediatricians' group. But, with no bruises to spot, pediatricians, teachers and family members may have trouble recognizing these and other forms of psychological abuse. Not only are there no obvious physical scars, there is no universally agreed-upon definition of what constitutes psychological maltreatment of children, and a fine line can exist between not-so-great parenting and outright abuse, experts say. "The main message for child health clinicians and people working with children is that psychological maltreatment is just as harmful as other types of maltreatment," said report co-author Dr. Harriet MacMillan, a professor in the departments of psychiatry, behavioral neurosciences and pediatrics at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.
"We know that exposure to other types of maltreatment like physical and sexual abuse can be associated with a broad range of types of impairment in physical and mental health, and cognitive and social development," she said. "Similarly, we see these types of impairments associated with psychological maltreatment."

8:00AM MDT: Our new series begins with economist Sven Larson and Wyoming legislator, Amy Edmonds. Today, they will  lay the groundwork about who they are and what this new series on the Morning Zone is going to be about.  Then, they want to talk state budget cuts.  The Mon/Tues (July 30-31) prior to that first show, Amy and Sven were at the Capitol for Joint Appropriations meetings that were focused on the upcoming state budget cuts. Sven and Amy say it is going to be about the state budget and the proposed spending cuts.

9:07AM MDT: We will briefly visit with the folks from the Koeman Race For The Cure and then will spend the rest of the hour talking with City Councilwoman, and candidate for County Commission, Amber Ash. Among the topics, she wants to talk about Agenda 21 and the potential repeal of the UDC recently adopted by the City Council.