Host Dave Chaffin is back  behind the microphone and today on The Morning Zone :

7:07AM MDT: Kids At Risk- We'll explore the risk factors for our kids to become substance abusers. Child Advocate, John Frentheway and LPC, Renee' Hanson join Dave for this provacative discussion.

8:07AM MDT: William Intillagator, Maestro wiyth the Cheyenne Symphony will be here to discuss tomorrow's upcoming concert at the Civic Center

8:37AM MDT: Wife of our former U.S. Senator, Craig Thomas, Mrs. Susan Thomas, will be back to update us on the latest from the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation you mentoring program.

9:07AM MDT: Dr. John Lucas, CEO with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center along with Leigh West, V.P. of Marketing and Communication will be with us with talk about the Wyoming based Integrated Healthcare Partnership