7:07AM MDT: Licensed professional Counselor, Renee' Hanson and Child Advocate, John Frentheway join host Dave Chaffin as they explore a recent study showing a Volatile mix...Kids at risk for suicide can get guns. As many as one in five children who are at risk of suicide live in homes where they can get hold of guns -- the single most effective means to killing themselves -- researchers reported. They said their findings show it’s extremely important to screen children for suicide risk, and to educate parents about how to keep guns out of their hands if they are. And early treatment is also vital.

8:07AM MDT:" Wyoming Perspectives"...today Regina Meena from the Wyoming Liberty Group joins Dave Chaffin to discuss new studies on government health care programs indicating where health reforms are headed. She will look at the Oregon study, the        Arkansas Medicaid Expansion, CMS Hospital fee report and what does this mean for Wyoming as Obamacare takes effect.

9:07AM MDT: Dr. John Lucas, CEO of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center joins Dave to talk about the most presssing healthcare issues, and the latest from CRMC and the role it plays in continuing to provide premiere helathcare in Wyoming.