Today at 7:07AM MST on the Morning Zone will see our continuing "Kids-At-Risk Series" focus on a study that shows that sex-change treatment for kids is on the rise. Seem bizarre? Well,increasing numbers of teens and even younger children who think they were born the wrong sex are getting support from parents and from doctors who give them sex-changing treatments, according to reports in the medical journal Pediatrics. It's an issue that raises ethical questions, and some experts urge caution in treating children with puberty-blocking drugs and hormones. Join host Dave Chaffin and our expert panel, Renee' Hanson LPC, and John Frentheway, child advocate for this provocative discussion.

8:07AM MST: Marvin Nash from The Nash Foundation rejoins us along qwith a special guest from LCSD#1 to talk about the new paradigm is solving the school bullying problem.

9:07AM MST: Maestro William Intrilligator from the Cheyenne Symphony will be here to update us on the upcoming concert scheduled for tomorrow at the Cheyenne Civic Center.

9:37AM MST: Economist Sven Larson from Wyoming Liberty Group is back to update us on the legislative budget session.