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Fridays are always exciting days around The Morning Zone with our popular Kids At Risk and Wyoming Perspective series plus today you'll find out more about CRMC's Wyoming Pace.

7:07AM MST: Child Advocate, John Frentheway and Licensed professional counselor, Renee' Hanson join host Dave Chaffin in our Kids-At-Risk program talking about Kids at center stage in emotional gun debate .
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - "Dear President Obama," began a letter from 8-year-old Grant Fritz, with the shaky printing -- missed words, spelling errors -- of someone just learning how to put thoughts down on paper.
"I think there should be some changes in the law with guns," Fritz said in the December 17 letter he sent to the president days after the Newtown school shootings.

Invited to the White House on Wednesday, Fritz and three other children in their Sunday best sat on stage as Obama read out parts of their letters to illustrate why he wants to tighten gun laws.

8:07AM MST: Wyoming Perspectives...Our Regulars, Amy Edmonds is down with the flu and Sven is out of town, so, Steve Klein and Susan Gore will fill in for them.  Steve suggests that we can discuss gun rights and RS2477, two areas of his specialty.  Susan keeps generally informed and tries to make sure that fundamental principles are upheld and will add her two bits.

9:07AM MST:9:07AM MST: Cheyenne Regional Medical Ceneter representatives will be back in studio... Laurie Wright, clinical director of Wyoming PACE, will be there. She will  bring another PACE staff member with her—possibly one of the social workers. I don’t have a name, yet, but will send it once I do. Laurie is very passionate about caring for the elderly—and the PACE program. I think she’ll be a great guest. She has been on Dave’s show once or twice before.
Cheyenne, WY—Wyoming PACE will host an open house on Jan. 20, 2 to 4 p.m., in its new facility at the Cheyenne Regional Health Plaza, 800 East 20th St., Suite 200.

A service of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, Wyoming PACE is a non-profit health and supportive services program designed to assist seniors who want an alternative to long-term care placement.

“The open house will give community members an opportunity to learn more about the mission of Wyoming PACE, to meet members of the PACE caregiver team and to also see the adult day health facility where we provide care to seniors who participate in the program,” said Laurie Wright, clinical director of Wyoming PACE.

There are 91 PACE programs in 30 states. Wyoming PACE, which stands for program of all-inclusive care for the elderly, is the first PACE to be offered in Wyoming. PACE programs must meet rigorous federal guidelines and standards to operate.

Wyoming PACE requires that participants be 55 years of age or older, meet criteria for admission to a nursing facility, live in Laramie County and receive Wyoming PACE support without jeopardizing their current health or safety.

There is no cost for participants who are Medicaid eligible or who have Medicare and Medicaid. Those without Medicare or Medicaid may pay privately for PACE.

Services include on-site physician access, medical and nursing care, hospital and emergency care, prescription drug coverage and management, lab tests and diagnostic procedures, meals and nutritional counseling, physical/occupational/speech therapy, home care, adult day care and transportation.

“Wyoming PACE provides Laramie County seniors with daily medical and social services so they can continue to live at home safely,” Wright said. “PACE is all about giving people a choice and ensuring that their dignity is preserved. We invite anyone with questions or who simply wants to see what the program offers to visit us during our open house or to call us at 773-8112.”