The weekend is on the way, but first, host Dave Chaffin, has another great show choked full of outstanding information with a little entertainment thrown in for good measure.

7:07AM MDT: Kids-At- Risk: Licensed Professional Counselor, Renee' Hanson and child advocate, John Frentheway join Dave to cover a couple of topics..One, on a new study that finds .IUDs safe, effective for teenagers. Also another study finds that Teens and preteens with a parent deployed in the military may be more likely to binge drink or misuse prescription drugs, according to a new study.Previous studies have found that with a parent's multiple deployments come higher levels of depression and more thoughts of suicide among children. But the new study is the first to focus on alcohol and drug use, senior author Stephan Arndt told Reuters Health.

8:07AM MDT: Wyoming Perspectives...our special series covering issues that dramatically may effect all of us here. Today Wyoming Liberty Group's Charles Curley guests with Dave. Charles is an analyst for the Wyoming Liberty Group, a freedom oriented think tank in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He lives in Thermopolis.and has worked as a software engineer and in the film industry, and has been a successful citizen lobbyist since the 1970s. Charles will be discussing Key Liberty Votes, an annual publication of the Wyoming Liberty Group that look at six votes in each of the two houses. Most ratings of legislators look at third reading votes. These are usually the last vote on a bill before the house is done with it. They look at other votes, including amendments, as long as the ayes and nays are recorded, and Charles will comment on the vote and why it is significant, and why they called a vote for or against liberty.

9:07AM MDT: We will be talking, once again with the folks of the Cheyenne Day of Giving. Today's guests will be Nicole Casey, Assistant Director of Safehouse Services and Baylie Evans – Resource Development and Marketing Coordinator for The Boys and Girls Club in Cheyenne. Both of these agencies are participating, once again, in this year's Day of Giving.