7:07AM MST Today we will take up the on-going controversy on the state of juvenile justice in Wyoming in our Kids-At-Risk series with John Frentheway, Child Advocate and Renee' Hanson, Licensed Professional Counselor.

8:07AM MST Economist Sven Larson and former Wyoming Legislator, Amy Edmonds join us for our "Wyoming Perspectives" series in The Morning Zone. Today's topic...the state budget and budgeting in general. Call in and give your thoughts on what the essential role of government from the budget side and how to cut government.

9:07AM MST: Open Line Time...You can be our guest and talk about whatever you choose.Do you support or oppose the newly signed SF104 stripping the state's Superintendent of Public Instruction of her duties and appointing an administrator to work those duties at the expense of the taxpayers? Call 1-888-503-6500, or 307-632-6500 and632-3323 locally.