Aaron McCargo Jr., the host of Food Newtork's "Big Daddy's House", is working with the 2,100 dialysis clinics of Waltham, Massachusetts based Fresenius Medical Care. His mission, to develop healthy, flavorful recipes for patients, who have to strictly limit their intake of fluids, as well as many popular foods that are high in salt.

McCargo says it is especially difficult for dialysis patients in the summer time because so many people like to barbecue. However McCargo says a lot of the barbecue sauces are loaded with things dialysis patients should not have.

He says one way to add flavor is to add flavor by using fresh herbs, dry spices and, in limited quantities, lemon and lime juices. He adds using the zest of a lemon or lime can also infuse a lot of flavor.

He also says he uses different oils and vinegars such as rice wine, balsamic vinegar, cider, and sherry, and low-sodium cheese and foods that are high in protein and low in saturated fat, such as lean meats, poultry and fish. Chef McCargo also says when grilling, use low-potassium vegetables such as summer squash, onions and peppers.

When I asked Chef McCargo what spices should be in any kitchen, he listed the following:

some type of heat:(crushed red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper)

spicy chili powder

smoked paprika

Italian seasoning (oregano, tyme, basil)

He also recommends some basic kitchen utensils:

  • a zester
  • a whisk
  • a pair of tongs
  • a spatula and spoon of some sort
  • a cutting board and a knife
  • some bowls
  • frying pan and some pots

By the way Chef McCargo Jr. agrees with me, he likes simple recipes that don't have too many ingredients that are easy to follow and won't cost you a fortune.