At 6:19 AM, Laramie County Fire District #2 was called to assist owners of a horse boarding facility. The facility located at 4717 Thomas Road had approximately ten horses in enclosed pens attached to a large arena building. The owners had arrived early this morning and found that the roof covering the space between the enclosed pens and the arena building had collapsed trapping the horses in their pens. None of the horses appeared to have been hit by falling debris or injured in any way. The debris had fallen in front of the pens blocking the gates closed such that it was impossible to get the horses out.

Spokesman Lew Simpson says Fire District #2 requested a veterinarian (Doctor Bradley) be dispatched to the scene to sedate the horses as power tools and cutting equipment would be used in close proximity of the horses to remove the damaged pieces of the roof. Once the horses were sedated and secured in their pens, the various sections of the roof were cut away and removed. All the horses were then moved to other pens and stables to be checked and cared for by their owners and Doctor Bradley.

All debris was cleared, horses removed and District #2 personnel cleared at approximately 9:30 AM.