The Cheyenne City Council Finance Committee voted 3-0 Monday not to recommend approval of the transfer of a liquor license to the Cole Shopping Center Safeway Store.

Cheyenne attorney John Sundahl, representing Safeway, told the committee that the proposed transfer has already been approved by the board of adjustment, which considered six issues related to the transfer, ranging from compatability with the surrounding area to zoning laws. Sundahl noted the board gave it's approval without any neighbors of the Safeway store voicing opposition.

Cheynne resident Major Dorr opposed the transfer, saying his research shows there are already 75 retail outlets in the Cheyenne area that sell alcohol. Dorr asked the committee "Why do we need another one?  I don't understand it". Dorr told the committee alcoholism is a serious issue in Cheyenne.

Committee members Georgia Broyles, Jimmy Valdez and Mike Luna all voted not to reccomend approval, citing concerns ranging from the impact on other local businesses that sell alcohol to fairness to other stores that have been rejected for liquor licenses.

Despite the committee vote, however, the full city council will have the final say on the issue.