The Cheyenne City Council Finance Committee on Monday voted to recommend  leasing the part of the downtown property commonly referred to as "the hole" for the Children's Museum of Cheyenne.

But Committee Chair Jim Brown, who normally doesn't vote in committee, said he has reservations about the proposal,  and as things currently stand probably won't support it when the full council takes up the issue. Brown said among other thing he's concerned about whether the city could legally sell the roughly 22 feet of the property it owns for $1, as the deal would allow.

That provision could go into effect if the city cannot come up with the money needed to develop the core area. He also questioned whether a lease agreement is the proper way to deal with the situation, as opposed to a development agreement between the city and the museum.

Local realtor Jim Weaver also said he has concerns about whether the museum would take into account the neighboring Hynds Building in it's plans.

Supporters argue the museum would be a major benefit to the city and local youth, in addition to removing a long-time eyesore in the downtown area.