~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~

Teddy Roosevelt, in 1906, said, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or prevent  all possibility of its continuing to be a national at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities. We have but one flag. We have one language, English.”

With the killing of African-American Trayvon Martin by a Latino-American George Zimmerman, President Teddy Roosevelt’s brilliant statement over 100 years ago—exemplifies America’s exploding racial and linguistic divide.

Before 1965 and Senator Teddy Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act, America thrived on a 90 percent European, 7 percent African and 3 percent Latino population.  While Dr. Martin Luther King brought equality of opportunity and human rights, he failed to bring to inspire African-Americans to higher educational standards.  Today, racism rears its ugly head with cyclical welfare dependency, illiteracy, joblessness because of a lack of education, skills and personal accountability, welfare babies and entrenched poverty for a growing population of black Americans.

Within 45 years, Kennedy’s immigration bill dumped over 100 million people from all over the globe into America’s heartland.  Bantu Somalian tribesmen from thatched huts on the African plains, to Hmong peasants from Asia, to goat herding Muslims from all over the Middle East, to Brazilian drug lords, now call America home—by the millions. 

They brought third world cultures, languages and incompatible religions that stand at odds with Western thought and concepts.   More sobering, the current S744 immigration amnesty raises the annual import numbers from 1.0 million to 1.5 million as well as granting amnesty and chain migration rates to over 20 million illegal migrants.  Thus, each new “American” will be able to import 10 of his-her family into America. 

“U.S. Population Projections” by Fogel/Martin a minimum of 100 million legal immigrants landing inside America within 37 years by 2050.  The new “Muslim tribe” expects to grow from its current seven million population to well over 20 million within 37 years by 2050.  Their aggressive religion will force Arabic and Sharia law onto Americans like no other ethnic group in the history of America. (Sources: Also the PEW Research Center)

As to Roosevelt’s warnings, try this sample from a friend of mine:

Holly said, “This is a real challenge to all Americans. Here in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, the effects of Latino racism are all too obvious. Perhaps the most infamous example of this is the lawsuits by illegals against Farmers Branch for trying to deport illegal alien residents and keep out illegal alien newcomers by banning hiring or renting to them. The town's every attempt to establish law and order regarding illegal immigration was overturned by wacko leftist judges. Racism is not very pleasant, regardless of the group the racist belongs to.

“While, as a white American, I had encountered occasional black and yellow (Asian) racism, as a non-Hispanic, I found Hispanic racism to be a real challenge. It was, and remains, so frustrating to hear them insist that Americans should learn Spanish instead of them learning English. The increasing number of jobs requiring a foreign language, especially Spanish, is exasperating. They demand everything in Spanish, and many of our businesses, schools, and churches are stupid enough to go along.

“There are some Hispanic racists who are so biased that they even disparage their fellow Latinos who are not of Hispanic origin. They deride Brazilians for being Portuguese Latinos and Haitians for being French Latinos. They say that the only real Latino is the Hispanic one. My legal resident Brazilian friend knows this all too well. While employed as a foreign-language teacher at El Centro College in downtown Dallas (she has a bachelor's in foreign languages, University of Tennessee), she was harassed by a racist Mexican professor who derided her for being a Brazilian and having Portuguese for her mother tongue instead of Spanish.

“My friend replied that it is nobody's fault what nation or culture they are born into. She said she was Brazilian because that's what she was meant to be and that Portuguese is the language of Brazil because it was once a colony of Portugal. The Mexican professor sneered that Brazil was still a Portuguese colony. My friend refuted that Brazil was not a colony, but had been independent since 1822. She added that people should be respected regardless of nation, race, or culture.

“My friend was reported and ended up being fired. At the Catholic Church she once attended, her pastor, also a legal resident Brazilian, had occasional trouble with racist Hispanic parishioners who targeted Brazilian and French attendees of his church. He warned them repeatedly to stop, but they continued the harassment and the pastor finally called the police. The police chewed out the racists and warned that if there was ever a next time, there would be consequences. Well, apparently it worked, because there was no more trouble at the church afterward. But other problems continue.

“My friend is often besieged by non-English speaking Hispanics asking if she speaks Spanish. She does, but won't do so for their convenience. With all the free English classes offered almost everywhere nowadays (years ago, she had to PAY for hers!) she says there is NO excuse for not learning English. My friend sometimes accidentally overhears some nasty things said in Spanish about Americans, and it really upsets her. She is shocked by the racism and ingratitude of many foreigners. She is indignant about illegal immigration, and refuses to support illegals, even those from her own country.

“Although a foreigner, my friend is not surprised that our government does nothing about it; she knows that too many of our leaders are spineless traitors. But she is bewildered that so many Americans seem indifferent to what is happening to their country. She was shocked that Obama was ever elected at all, let alone twice. What on earth was wrong with those pro-Obama voters, she wondered. She has no respect for pro-illegal Americans and legal residents. Meanwhile, she admires and supports American patriots, but realizes that restoring America means a long, tough struggle ahead, and that close and strong teamwork is indispensible to success.

“My friend is especially concerned about making English the one and only official language of America before non-native-English-speaking linguistic racists of all stripes somehow get official recognition for their languages in this country. She strongly urges Americans to officialize English now. If we don't, my friend starkly warns Americans, “Your great country is GONE!”

Former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm said, “We are the only country in history that deliberately changed its ethnic makeup, and history has few examples of “diversity” creating a stable society.”  Latinos will become the dominant ethnic population group by 2042.

Ethnic tribes compete for dominance.  We face black, white, brown and now Muslim tribes competing for dominance.  Their languages fracture the fabric of America beyond repair. Different languages feature different thought and reasoning processes.  With another 100 million immigrants from all over the world, Roosevelt’s words ring terrifying clear as to our fragmented, violent and disjointed civilization.

Samuel Huntington, author of Clash of Civilizations, wrote: “It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics. The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future.”

“…conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations.”  That means our own country will become fragmented with so many cultures.


If you would like to make a difference, please join these organizations for the most effective collective action you can take: www.CapsWeb.org ; www.NumbersUSA.org ; www.TheSocialContract.com ; www.Fairus.org


~~~~California in Severe Drought: Amnesty Would Admit 33 Million More People~~~

~~Frosty Wooldridge~~


Have you ever visited a bar when a drunk sauntered up to you with a story that began, “You ain’t gonna’ believe this, but have you heard the story about….”


Let me see if you can appreciate this story about our most immigrant-populated state:


Today, California houses 38 million people.  It grows by 1,655 people every day of the year; virtually all that growth via legal and illegal immigration.  Demographic projections show that immigration expects to add 20 million people with 30 years or less. (Source: www.capsweb.org)


If our wise and profoundly intelligent U.S. Congress passes the S744 Amnesty Bill, our country will be hit with a Human Katrina the likes of 33 million added people within a decade—by 2023.  Not only will they give a free pass to 20 million illegal migrants, but they added another 500,000 legal immigrants annually to total 1.5 million which is a half million over the current one million annually today. On top of that, those immigrants expect to birth 900,000 babies annually to give our country a whopping 33 million+9million babies=42 million new additions to the USA within 10 years. (Source: www.cis.org , Dr. Steven Camorata)  If you add in the family-reunification with up to 10 per legalized illegal immigrant, folks, this story gets even more exciting: we could add another 10 million on top of the 42 million to reach 52 million additional people in a decade.


Now put that in your pipe and smoke it, chew it, spit it out or gag.  Take your pick.

Let’s look at California: a trio of water purveyors from three areas of the coast: Monterey County, the Santa Maria Groundwater Basin and the city of Paso Robles, detailed legal and environmental issues resembling an octopus’s tentacles challenging their respective areas to maintain rapidly depleting water supplies. Groundwater over-drafting and salt water intrusion exacerbated by urban and agricultural growth over the past three decades have reached well beyond taxing with such solutions as:

·         Towing Arctic icebergs to the coast to melt for fresh water.

·         Building cisterns for homeowners to catch drinking water supplies.

·         Collecting fog for water.

How about this idea?  Stop importing 100,000 legal immigrants currently every 30 days and soon to be 125,000 immigrants every 30 days into America.


(Below, northern California’s Lake Shasta at 31 percent capacity a few years back.)


“Assuming 33 million new immigrants in the next decade (rather than today’s 10 million, 1 million annually), a quarter of that would be 7.5 million more water-using residents ending up in Crowdifornia,” said California writer Brenda Walker.  “Given the region’s natural history, Washington’s crazy-growth immigration policy is environmentally unsustainable and guarantees worsened water supply problems in the future.”

A recent report said, “From the bathtub rings around our reservoirs, to the salty Delta lapping up against our levees, there is ample evidence that in the span of just two years California’s water supply has shifted from wealth to want. The state has not formally declared a drought, but water managers are using words like ‘dire’ to describe the situation – particularly if next winter disappoints.”

Have you ever heard the story of “downstream” reporting?  CBS’ Scott Pelley, ABC’s Diane Sawyer and NBC’s Brian Williams all report “downstream”, which means, they report disasters after they occur.  They never “upstream” report on people who “think of solutions” before the consequences occur.

What would be the easiest, simplest and most rational solution to California’s, Texas’, Arizona’s, Nevada’s, New Mexico’s, Georgia’s and Florida’s water shortages?

How about my “upstream” solution: stop importing 100,000 legal immigrants into America every 30 days.  Stop allowing employers to hire and support 20 million illegal alien migrants.  Change S744 to simply enforce our immigration labor laws so those criminals would lose their jobs and go home on their own dimes.  Reduce all immigration to less than 100,000 annually, which equals the “out migration” from our country, which would equal to a net gain of zero.

End of this story:  we all enjoy plenty of water, no more excess immigrants, sustain our quality of life and enjoy a sustainable civilization throughout the 21st century.

Do you think it will happen?  It depends on how many times you call, write and fax your Congress critters.  Visit their offices. Tell them about this idea.  If you don’t, your kids will see that 100 million new immigrants within 37 years. If you take action, you could change a nasty history into a positive outcome.  Think of your kids.