Sen. Mike Enzi’s third listening tour of the year took him to the Glenrock Senior Center on Wednesday.

Enzi heard from local officials and concerned Converse County residents during the event. He then spoke for roughly 45 minutes about several state and national issues, including the Farm Bill and the federal budget.

“I learn from these (events), and I gauge things from them,” Enzi said. “On the August recess, I travel about 5,000 miles to talk to Wyoming residents.”

Enzi, on Wednesday, said President Obama is waging “an all-out war" on the coal industry. He also said Obama is doing everything he can to eliminate the coal industry both in Wyoming and nationally.

“This president is just doing regulation, often without authority, and he’s gumming up the whole permit process for all kinds of energy,” Enzi said. “He says we’re producing more oil now than we ever did before, but most of that is being produced on private land – the federal permits are not going through.”

Enzi said more federal coal lease extensions need to be approved to ensure the long-term viability of the coal industry.

Enzi also said there were 13 requests for coal lease extensions when Obama first took office. He said only two have been approved.

Enzi also said the Affordable Care Act continues to be a significant concern for Wyoming residents. Enzi said there “may be a train wreck” on Jan. 1 when Obamacare takes root.

“If we can’t dismantle Obamacare, or unfund Obamacare, or repeal Obamacare, that’s going to be the biggest thing that’ll touch America in the next few months.”

State and federal healthcare marketplaces are scheduled to open next month.

Enzi’s listening tour will take him to Buffalo on Friday. Enzi will be in Worland and Greybull next Thursday.