Sen. Mike Enzi says former Fox News political contributor and Republican primary challenger Liz Cheney doesn’t know enough about what’s happening in Washington to be a member of the U.S. Senate.

The 69-year-old Enzi, who was in Glenrock on Wednesday to talk with Converse County officials and residents, also said Cheney lacks the experience needed for the post he currently holds.

Enzi also said he’s growing tired of Cheney’s mudslinging.

“I’ve voted over 5,000 times in Washington – I was also in the state legislature and have no idea how many times I’ve voted there,” Enzi said. “I was in local government as a mayor and have no idea how many times I voted there."

“She doesn’t have any experience in any of those areas, so I guess there’s nothing you can ask her, but, in the meantime, she’s trying to taint my record."

Enzi is conducting listening sessions throughout Wyoming during the Senate’s August recess.