An internet scam which was reported in 2011 is resurfacing again, according to the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department.

Spokesman Dick Blust the scam involves an e-mail that purports to be from the ''Federal Reserve Bank of America" in New York City. The recipient is told he or she has been awarded a substantial amount of money from the International Monetary Fund and is asked for detailed bank account information so that the money allegedly can be deposited in their  bank account.

Blust says that although the International Monetary Fund is a real organization, they are not involved with the fraud scheme. Blust says people should be very skeptical anytime they receive an offer purporting to award them cash or prizes they have not applied for. He adds you should never give out personal bank account or other financial information unless you are absolutely certain the person you are dealing with is legitimate and has a genuine need for the information.

Blust also says no legitimate banking firm will ever ask you for PIN numbers, log on information or other sensitive security information in an e-mail.