27 year old Larry Turner of Cheyenne, is facing charges of Attempted 2nd Degree Homicide after he allegedly fired several shots in a drive by shooting incident on Sunday night, according to a press release from the Laramie County Sheriff's Department

. According to the release, several shots were fired at a residence located at 1006 East Jefferson Road at 10:45 Sunday evening (Nov. 25th). Three bullet holes were found in a bedroom window and five more bullet holes were found in the east side of the building, according to the release. The apartment was occupied at the time by Tevin Taylor as well as his mother and her boyfriend.

Investigators identified Turner (who goes by the nickname of ''Buckshot") by tracing the license plate number of the vehicle used in the shooting, according to the release. It also says Turner himself made statements putting himself in the area of the shooting, and additional evidence was also allegedly  found inside Turner's blue Ford Focus. In addition to the attempted homicide charges, Turner is also facing two counts of aggravated assault and one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He is currently being held in the Laramie County Detention Facility.