~~Ice and Snow-I cannot go~~

Well, never mind that the parking areas next to the curbs are virtually unusable without getting stuck because the City hasn't plowed, they manage to get the parking police buggies out to issue tickets.

Come on Mayor Kaysen. Let's apply some common sense here. If people cannot park downtown without getting stuck, and have to pick and choose those few areas that may allow access, is it really common sense to have them issue us citations for over staying our parking time. Once again our town has gone head over heels overboard on doing something really stupid. Give the people a break, or get the street and Alley guys off their behinds and have them clear the curbs so we can park downtown.

As for me, I am refusing to pay your ridiculous $15 fine because I didn't move my car on time. By the way, ummm, I tried but couldn't move it because I was stuck in a mire of snow and ice. Next tim, Mayor, I will call you and have you come pull me out so I can move and not get your stupid ticket!