Many people believe that the place they work or the house they live in is shared with a haunt or a spook. The owner of the Astoria, swears it's true.

It was originally built as a Commercial Trust and Savings Bank. When the owner opened the bar and started remodeling it, the house-ghost, whom they call Clark Smith, was said to have been roaming the floor.

Who was Clark Smith? According to the legend, Mr. Smith was an employee at the bank in 1910. For whatever reason, Mr. Smith was let go from the bank and was reported to have died shortly afterward, due to some 'mysterious circumstances.'

Several staff members at the Astoria swear they have seen the haunt, dressed in Victorian-style outfits and approaching employees.

An employee encountered the haunt and asked him, "May I help you?" He said 'the man' in the black shoes and black dress slacks. The man stared the employee in the face and then disappeared. He was frightened out of his boots.

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