Donald Threewitt, who currently serves as the Commercial Leasing Manager for the Office of State Lands and Investments, for the State of Wyoming, is seeking the Republican nomination for the two year seat on the Laramie County Commission.

Threewitt says there is no doubt that City/County relations have degraded to the point of adversarial. Improving these relations is a common campaign stump. But he says there are several situations which residents outside of the Cheyenne City limits need a voice, and need positive, constructive interactions on issues which affect all Laramie County residents, but will not shrink from a dispute on behalf of County residents.

Threewitt adds that public investment, in addition to providing amenities for ourselves, is a prominent economic development tool. He says by strengthening our retail, cultural, recreational and social offerings we can improve our standing as candidate for new or relocated businesses.

However, such public spending should always remain prudent. The 'attraction' argument alone should not be a sole basis for a decision. For operating facilities such as the proposed Archer Events Center and the Cheyenne Recreation Center, a solid business plan should be presented with a realistic cost-revenue analysis. Our low population and relatively low tax rate present significant challenges to large public projects such as these. The primary will be held on Tuesday August 21, 2012.