With warmer weather in the state the Wyoming Department of Health is reminding residents to take steps to protect themselves against ticks and the diseases they carry.

Spokeswoman Kim Deti says May through July is peak tick season in Wyoming. She says that if you are out in brushy or grassy areas you should take precautions including wearing light color clothing, tucking your pants into your legs, and using insect repellants containing 20 percent DEET  or picaradin. Deti also advises pet owners to check their animals for ticks if the pets have been outdoors in areas where the insects might live.

She also advises against handling rabbits, squirrels or other animals which appear sick and to use rubber gloves if you are skinning such an animal. Deti says if you experience symptoms such as fever, chills and swollen glands after possibly being exposed to ticks you may want to seek medical help.

Ticks in Wyoming are known to sometimes carry such diseases as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Colorado Tick Fever and tularemia, or rabbit fever. Deti says those diseases can sometimes be quite serious.