A few years ago, there was a TV commercial for a popular donut chain where the baker kept meeting himself coming and going , not sure whether he was making the donuts or if he had already made the donuts.

These days, I know exactly how that poor fellow felt. Seems as though my family and I do that all the time. We get up before the sun, go to work, are very busy at work all day, slowing down only a minute to gobble up an energy bar or gulping something promising a few hours of extra energy, just so we have enough energy to rush back and meet ourselves on the way to make the donuts again. Okay, it does get to be 5 O'clock somewhere, and we rush home grabbing super fast food to feed the family before we rush out the door on the way to take Mally to gymnastics and Mom to Bible study and hopefully, ourselves to the gym to work out and knock ourselves out getting skinny before we go pick up Mally and Mom, rush home, rush yto the shower and then to bed, only to wake up before the sun to go make the donuts all over again.

STOP!!!!STOP!!!!....Hey, today is Friday. It's the weekend, people!  I want to sleep in, get up and have a leisurely sup of coffee, read the paper, sit around in my pj's and maybe even go out and sit on the porsh and smell the fresh air and smell the fresh air. Oh, yes, and NO DONUTS for breakfast. I am going to STOP and smell the roses. How about you? Just sayin'. :)