2012 Is Now, and Guess What? We Are in The Future!

Well, here we are into a brand new year, already. It seemed, in some ways, that 2011 only had just begun, but yet in others, it was as if it would never end. Now, it is only a distant memory.

The old year came in with so many bright possibilities, and yet, ended with so many challenges. I’ve reflected a lot about this in the last couple of weeks and have come to realize that most of those challenges present the brightest possibilities and opportunities for 2012.

We ended 2011 with the national economy still in the doldrums and the markets yo-yoing on worries about the European economy. The polls show that our faith in Congress and the White House have never been lower, and it seemed to some, there were conspiracies behind every cherry tree in Washington and the cry was, “woe is us, oh woe is us”.

We begin the new year believing, in our heart of hearts, that it will get better and it will. We are, after all, Wyomingites. We are, by our nature, optimists. That is how we created our state, after all. If we did not believe in developing possibilities and turning challenges into opportunities, we would not be who we are, and there are no conspiracies other in those we create in our own minds.

The New Year is here, now. The future is now. Wyoming is the future and we have so much to anticipate with great fervor because we, as a matter of course, believe in our neighbors and in our selves. We look adversity square in the eye and say, “Go ahead, make my day”, and if we get knocked down, we pull ourselves up by our boot straps and try another path until we find the one that takes us to our objective, knowing that we will arrive.

The State’s economy is strong, back to near pre-recession levels and there ARE so many bright possibilities to grow even stronger. The state and federal election is on the horizon and, here too, we have opportunities to make positive changes. The old year is gone, and with it, those unrealized conspiracies, too. We only need to look forward and ENGAGE into the future.

Happy New Year and God Bless Wyoming and the U.S.A.