Today is Good Friday. When I was younger, I always wondered why we called it "Good" when this was the day our Savior was crucified, ans some do call it "Black" Friday. But, as I grew older and, hopefully, wiser, I realized that it really is "Good" because it symbolizes the true hope for all of us poor, miserable sinners. The crucifiction was, after all, God's plan and for the "Good" and blessings of His people.

I found myself sitting out on the front porch this morning as the sun came up and the air wss fresh and clean, thinking about all of this and, particularly, about all of the blessings God as showered us with this year. There are just way to many to count, believe me.

We spend a lot of time on The Morning Zone program each week talking about the bad news and the troubles of the day. We nash our teeth and wrent our clothes over what is happening in our community, our state, our country and our world, and we say, "Oh, if only we did this or did that or said this or said that, how different nd better things would be. But, bottom line, at the end of the day, what we really should be talking about and thinking of is , "are we listening to God in our heart of hearts and following His plan and his will?" That is where the real solutions to all things lie, after all.

This weekend, as we celebrate God's plan to save us from our sins by sending his only Son to die for us, let us also pray the He will help us to remember that, "Lo, though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for Thy rod and Thy staff comfort me." The hope and glory is that we re, after all, just "walking through" on our way home, and that IS Good!

God bless you and yours this Passover and Easter Season.