Oh my! Just spent some time listening to Chief Kozak's sound bites from his news conference yesterday on the Big Crime Wave in Cheyenne: Cell phone use! "I tell ya, this thing is a cell phone and it kills people when they use it while driving", he said. Really Brian? Then I guess talking to my wife in the car with me is going to kills us, or maybe eating that hamburger along the way, not to mention, drinking that soda, or, God Forbid!!!...don't ever lose an ash off that cigaret in your lap while driving or you'll die for sure, or, get a ticket from Kojak, I mean Kozak.

Well, that's all well and good, Chief, but let's focus then on ticketing Mayors and City Councilmen and women and oh yes, you and your officers who all have been guilty of using their phones while driving.

All in all, there are, I am sure, lots and lots of other serious crimes and things happening here in Cheyenne that Kozak (Who Love's Ya Baby) and his boys and girls in blue can concentrate on that will make a bigger difference. Good PR sound bites though, Brian.

Just sayin :)