Thursday's Morning Zone is packed with great guests and topics. Join Host Dave Chaffin as he talks with:

7:07 AM MDT: Margaret Flowers, Congressional fellow, organizer with the National Occupation of Washington, D.C...Dr. Flowers will talk with us about a recent letter published by the New York Times, the former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Arnold Relman, notes that their coverage of the debate about a health insurance mandate didn't "mention an important new argument against the Affordable Care Act’s mandated purchase of private insurance, the key issue before the Supreme Court."Last month, an amicus brief was filed by 50 doctors and two nonprofit organizations arguing that Congress could avoid a mandate by legislating a national single-payer system that provides nearly universal insurance coverage."Congress has already created two limited single-payer systems -- Medicare and the veterans’ health system -- and no legal barriers prevent doing more. Since a mandate isn’t necessary for Congress to exercise its legitimate role in regulating health insurance, there is no justification under the Constitution’s 'necessary and proper' clause for such a legislative requirement."

7:37AM MDT:  Travis Lingenfelter, Marketing Director- Pointe Frontier Retirement Community continues his series. Travis will explore more on:
*Independent and Assisted Living under 1 roof (continuum of care)
*24/7 properly trained medical staff on-site for any emergencies and day-to-day assistance
*The most spacious apartments in town in regards to storage space
*The only apartments in town with full galley kitchens and walk-in pantries (even a window above the kitchen sink)
*Limousine service with a personal chauffeur (unlimited usage Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm)
*Consistent management and employee staff members. (some 24 years, many from 5-15 years)
*Staff does not share roles (explain)
*Extensive activity and wellness programs both at Pointe Frontier and the trips we take out of the state of WY.
*Now offering therapy for residents in the comforts of their own home through our affiliations with the Licensed Home Healthcare providers.
*Food and dining experience. Many organizations around Cheyenne are holding their meetings/lunch at PF
*Our pricing. Rates are fixed. We do not wheel and deal on core rental rates
*Researchers Collect Advice from Older Adults

8:07AM  MDT:  Carol M. Swain, -Politics, Race and Immigration Expert,,  Author of “Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise” Professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University, and Physicians for a National Health Program. She will address the Supreme Court consideration of Obama's Affordable Care Act.

8:30AM MDT: CLTP - Steven Lien, Director of "The 39 Steps" ,CLTP Rental Coordinator - "The 39 Steps" is a Hilarious Comedy/Love Story/Spy Thriller, PLAYING NOW at the Historic Atlas Theatre AND  will run thru April 1st.  Showtimes will be at 7:30pm (doors open at 6:30pm) today, tomorrow and Saturday at 2pm (doors open at 1pm) and on Sunday, April 1st.  The performance on tonight, March 29th is a special show of which the tickets are only $10.00 each.
"The 39 Steps" was adapted from a novel written in 1930 that Alfred Hitchcock turned into one of his earlier movies in 1935.  In 2005, a British group took the film script and turned it into a very funny Theatrical production, with four actors playing the roles of more than 30 characters as they brought film to stage.  This is one show the folks of Cheyenne should not miss!  This is our Final CLTP Production of the 2011/2012 season to be performed at the Atlas Theatre.  May even keep you laughing until the Old Fashioned Melodrama starts up in July!

9:00AM MDT:: Shane Smith, Director of Cheyenne's Botanic Gardens will be here with his monthly update on the events going on for Spring at The Gardens, plus, Shane will take your calls and questions on Spring planting and gardening.