Wow! The Lovely Lisa and I went to the kick-off sign up last Friday for Step-Up Cheyenne and we were blown away by the sheer numbers of Cheyenne residents who were there to begin their trek toward weigh loss and better health. I talked yesterday on The Morning Zone with one of the organizers of the event, Alice Burron, and she told us that over a thousand people committed to Step-Up. That is absolutely fantastic.

We got off to a great start early in the week, but unfortunately, I was stricken by the horrible stomach bug making it's way around town and most of my walking ended up being between the bedroom and the bathroom. The good news, however is that this week, inspite of the bug that bit me, Lisa and I collectively lost nearly 5 pounds. (She won't let me report us individually:). Alice alos told me that in the first week, Cheyenne lost over 700 pounds collectively, so we are doing great!

Step-Up Cheyenne. There is another great week ahead, lets make it bigger and better than ever.