The D.A.R.E. program will end in all Albany County schools at the conclusion of the current school year according to the Laramie Police Department. In a release the LPD says the termination of the program will allow an additional School Resource Officer to be assigned in the schools.

“The challenges of today are being met with different methods then what we used yesterday. The challenges of tomorrow will be met with innovation and all the resources we have to help our youth cope with the new challenges they will face.” says Cmdr. Mitch Cushman. “We are still dedicated to doing all we can for our youth; we will just be doing it in a different way.”

The LPD and ACSD#1 said in the release that they remain committed to providing drug and alcohol awareness education in the classroom as well as developing and sponsoring activities and programs designed to encourage youth to choose non-alcoholic and drug free lifestyles.

In 2009, D.A.R.E. reported that the program was being taught in every state in America and 72 percent of school districts.